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Wealth generation

…your dream of THAT ONE THING that can and will continually generate wealth through a lifetime, even for the generations yet born. Welcome to Nigeria, West Africa where Real Estate is the New GOLD.

At Lloyd’s Real Estate Consulting, we broker Real Estate Deals that enable you own quality Real Estate Properties, all set in serene and pleasing environments designed to embed peace, good health, happiness and harmony with Mother Nature. With Honesty, Integrity, Credibility and Client Satisfaction as our precepts, you cannot go wrong doing business with us. With us in the picture, Wealth Generation through Real Estate Investment is a definite YES!

Our Properties

Most of the Real Estate properties that we handle are located around Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki Axis A.K.A. the NEW LAGOS. All these properties are in close proximity to massive development projects. The following are to mention but a few of such massive projects.

What will it be?

Talk to us today and quickly take advantage of amazingly solid real estate investment options in this axis. A plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 currently worth between N120m – N150m will be worth between N140m – N170m in 3 years’ time meanwhile a plot in Ibeju Lekki currently worth N1.5m today would be worth N7m – N15m in 3yrs. So, say you choose to invest your N120m – N150m in Ibeju Lekki today instead of Lekki Phase 1, a 3yr value projection says this investment would be worth between N700m to N1.5b then. Don’t forget Lekki Phase 1 started out this same way about 20-30 years ago…look at what it has become today. You can be part of the New LEKKI if you act NOW!!!

What is your SMART move going to be? For Inquiries and Site inspection, you can call Ifeoluwapo on 08133118372 or whatsapp 07082270790; email or visit

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